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Client Testimonials

The recommendation of clients is surely the best endorsement of our service. Below are comments we have received from previous and current clients. We hope they give you insights into our treatment process and outcome.

Stephen - Banker

"Andrew does a great job of getting to the source of the pain and fixing that, rather than just dealing with where the symptoms are. To be told that the pain in your shoulder is caused by something happening in your foot can be a surprise, until he demonstrates that tightness in one area can cause a chain reaction of compensating tightness across your body."

Jo-Ann Lim - Lawyer

"I suffered from repetitive strain injury in my hands and arms from my early twenties for over 10 years. I had seen countless specialists who had taken x-rays, prescribed me anti-inflammatory pills and wrist braces - nothing seemed to work. Over the years I had learned to live with the pain and loss of strength and grip in my hands and arms.

(The) first trigger point therapy session with Andrew was such a turning point for me. During that session, he managed to locate trigger points that were blocking my circulation from flowing and instantly improved my grip and muscle strength in my hands and arms. I actually cried during that first session - the sensation of lack of pain was so freeing."

Hiliary - Graphic Designer

"Andrew is a legend around Phnom Penh. He combines trigger point therapy and massage to offer a holistic treatment that addresses the cause of a problem as well as any referred pain. He finishes every session with an incredible massage that ensures blood and energy flow through your whole body. I've recommended many people to him and none have been disappointed."

MB - Consultant

"Andrew was recommended to me by friends and I went to see him with chronic nerve pain in my right leg. The pain had been recurring for months after I completed my latest half marathon.

I had four sessions with Andrew which involved pressure point techniques, assisted stretching and massage.This will enable me to keep running, which is something I feared I may have to give up.

What I valued most about Andrew's care was the time he took to fully understand the problem and his holistic approach to treating the whole person and not just the symptoms.

Andrew is a lovely person and a true professional. He came highly recommended to me and I would similarly recommend him to others."

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