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Client Testimonials

The recommendation of clients is surely the best endorsement of our service. Below are comments we have received from previous and current clients. We hope they give you insights into our treatment process and outcome.

JL -Human Rights Lawyer

"I had a lot of unresolved issues in my life, that had come up again after I had become a new mother. These issues were causing a lot of stress in my life and I felt that I needed to talk to someone who could help me through all the worry and guilt I was experiencing.


Rachel has been fantastic for my state of my mind and I credit her for helping me to change many things in my life for the better. Through my sessions with Rachel, I worked through old childhood issues that I thought had long gone as well as issues related to my role as a parent, wife and a professional. As a self confessed 'control freak', I learned many things about myself that enabled me to let go a bit more and to put things in my life into perspective.


I truly believe that my therapy sessions with Rachel have changed my life for the better and that I would not be the person I am today without her kindness, patience and dedication. She is a gifted individual who cares so much about her clients."

LS - Special Needs Asst

"I started working with Rachel when I discovered that, although I was fine, I was compelled to find someone unbiased to talk with. And talk we did!


Working with Rachel was difficult because I took quite some time learning to trust her. Trusting Rachel arose from her consistency, that is her words and the meanings of her words always matched. Overlaying a firm, steady, 'yes it will be hard work' approach is kindness and compassion coupled with her intuition.


From a few words or just a simple drawing Rachel could perceive things I didn’t even know were there! Words were not always necessary – she just got it.."

RG - Editor

"It took me until my mid-30s to see that I was repressing years and years of pain and I had absolutely no ability to trust left when I got to Rachel. I felt judged and alone and unable to express myself, even to those I believed loved me. I was terrified of how helpless I felt with regard to helping my daughter grow up and live a fulfilled life. And I was absolutely petrified of relying on another human being to “recover”.


Thank god for Rachel. Her lack of judgement was a vital part of her approach – I was so scared of being ridiculed for my feelings that it was with some amazement that I slowly realised I was coming to trust her. This trust relationship took time, but it only ever grew. She showed me how to be gentle with myself and love myself, instead of being trapped in a relentless cycle of self-disgust. 


Finally, I feel safe with my daughter and with my friends and family – I believe they love me and I know why they do – and that’s a massive thing for me to have achieved. And I couldn’t have done it without Rachel"

MS - Expatriate Lawyer

"I sought Rachel's services when faced with ante-natal anxiety before the birth of my second child, which was causing friction in my marriage.


Through her skilful ability to pinpoint the questions I needed to ask to understand what was fuelling my fears, as well as her deep sense of empathy and understanding without judgment, Rachel enabled me to realize what was driving the negative emotions I was feeling, and how to let them go.


The change I have experienced as a result has been truly transformative. I have gone from feeling I was never going to be good enough, either in my work-life or as a mother, to realizing that being me is all I will ever need to be"

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