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The Treatment Experience

First thing, Relax....​

There is a term called 'Anticipatory Anxiety' that is used to describe the trepidation caused by a new experience. It can be minor (" I am not sure what will happen but I can handle it") or quite intense ("I cannot go because such & such might happen").


This can happen to clients on their first visit. They are not sure of what will happen, how the physical aspects will be handled or even what exactly will happen. 


Relax, the treatment is both professional and respectful and moves at your pace, with full explanations and discussion along the way.

Practical Sessions Combined With Therapeutic Massage​

The sessions take place in a quiet room with subdued lighting, music (at certain times) and various equipment (massage table, chairs, steps) for treatment. Sessions are roughly structured in 3 parts:

  • The first part of any session involves discussing symptoms, how you are feeling and specific areas of pain.

  • The second part usually involves specific stretches, combined with massage, to address the area of pain and other referral areas.

  • Finally, there is a body massage with oil (and music) to push circulation and relax muscles.


Other Questions People Ask Me....

Question: Do I have to take my clothes off?

Answer: Usually treatment involves several areas of the body (legs, back, shoulder, etc), so you will have to disrobe to some extent. To respect privacy all clients are provided appropriate clothing (for men, a towel and for women a sarong), and absolute discretion is maintained at all times.


Question: How long is a session?

Answer: It depends a bit on the treatment, but typical sessions are between 1 1/2 and 2 hours.


Question: How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Answer: That depends. For simple, non-chronic treaments it may be 2-3 sessions. For more long-term problems, it could be several months are needed.

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